Welcome to #ProjectELECTRICO! We’ve traveled around the world putting together this Pop record. We just got off the plane, we’re making a bevy of amazing music with a bunch of crazy-cool foreign musicians, and we want to share our process and experience with you.

With peace and love on a musical journey: #ProjectELECTRICO is a global recording project uniting a world of musicians to create a collaborative Pop record with international rhythms, flair, voices, and soundscapes. – By Kathleen Blackwell (Artist & Visionary) and Ronan Chris Murphy (Record Producer & Passion)

Watch Us Create A Global Pop Record:

7 Billion Voices + 196 Countries + One Pop Sound = ELECTRICO

We are in Italy, Turkey, or Mexico, and nobody can speak English, yet here we are in their recording studios. We gathered a bunch of musicians, and we’re going into a room to make this happen, to make some music—let’s see! Translation: If we nod our heads = we got it.

Turkey and Japan, for example, have interesting tunings and instruments, so we ask ourselves, can we blend their instruments and tunings into a Pop record? We’re meeting individuals and groups of musicians that don’t know our language, nor do we know theirs, but we share one common language—music.

  • Source: Heart.
  • Tool: Technology.
  • Destination: Global Galactic.

#ProjectELECTRICO as a concept of a body of work makes for an intriguing story. We’ve been creating this book of art—this is the process, this is our journey. We’re so lucky because we get to pull from a lot of different spice cabinets to make this art, and there is a story to be told on this project that is completely different than what would have been possible before on previous projects, or what the rock band down the street is doing.

In creating this body of work, we get to pull from a lot of different spice cabinets. #ProjectELECTRICO is the collaborative collection of the world’s most influential musicians and sounds in one big soup. – Record Producer, Ronan Chris Murphy

The Collaborative Effort:

We have background vocals from Zambia blended with Saz instrumentation by Murat Ertel from Istanbul, infused with the pulsating rhythm of Motown flair from Motown’s in-house bass player, Tony Newton, sprinkled with a layer of ‘Son Herocho’ from Oaxaca, HangDrum vibrations from the Venice canals, Berimbau plucking from an Italian Villa, the rap of MC Royalty Free, the Pop Vocals, Global Vision, and Songwriting prowess of Austin-based Artist, Kathleen Blackwell, saddled by the Hit Song structure of Pop-40, driven by the Creative Influence, Passion, and Punk ethos of LA-based Record Producer, Ronan Chris Murphy, and held together by the Support and Creativity of Arthur Edstrom (Video Production and Songwriting).

#ProjectELECTRICO is home to a world of musicians plugged in to one common language of the heart—music—and enabled by the science of another universal language—technology.

#ProjectELECTRICO is home to the stories behind the making of Kathleen Blackwell’s third album.

#ProjectELECTRICO empowering one voice at a time.

Kathleen Blackwell – The Artist behind #ProjectELECTRICO

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Kathleen Blackwell is the visionary of #ProjectELECTRICO.This is her third record with Producer, Ronan Chris Murphy. She is a classically trained pianist with two degrees from University of Texas, joined SONY CLASSICAL in Hollywood and then the entrepreneur spirit hit. She founded Saucy-Wear® to produce high-end designer aprons sold to Williams-Sonoma. Kathleen’s critically acclaimed “To Be Human” record was nominated for Album of the Year for the LA Music Awards. She has evolved into a multi-dimensional artist entrepreneur.

Ronan Chris Murphy – Record Producer #ProjectELECTRICO

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Record producer mixer: (Kathleen Blackwell, King Crimson, Steve Morse, Ulver, Terry Bozzio, Tony Levin…) Travel enthusiast, Ronan’s Italy Show Host, and all around wonderful guy. His life in recording has focused on the art and craft of making records, concerned more with creating great works that will stand the test of time, rather than chasing the latest fad. His creative approach to recording has been called for around the world. He has worked on three continents with artists from Dozens of different countries. His productions have received wide critical acclaim, been featured in films and television, won awards and hit the top ten around the world.


For the list of #ProjectELECTRICO collaborators, please click here.

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