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I am so thrilled to be making music with Ronan Chris Murphy again. We just wrapped another week at his studio, Veneto West, in Venice, CA, and I cannot say enough about his compassion, character, and kooky-cool ways of technically creating art. That said, in the studio today I was so lucky, I got to sit in the boss’s chair! I played 2nd Engineer and got to fiddle with the audio controls while Ronan played a “hog fiddle” and got to make a little music, too…because that’s the way we roll.

Monte Albán: Soundscape & Photo Documentary

We are about six miles outside of Oaxaca de Juarez in Oaxaca, México, where we visited the archaeological site of Monte Albán for some history, soundscape recording, and an impromptu photo shoot…because this place is just flipping awesome. Monte Albán captures the vibe of #ProjectELECTRICO and the sound direction of the album: Global Galactic Pop (Ancient to Astro).

LA Production Session

Flew out to LA to meet with my Producer, Ronan Chris Murphy, and Engineer, Diego Lopez. We spent two days songwriting, listening to tracks recorded in Italy and Turkey this summer, and planning for a week of LA sessions in December. I have a lot of songwriting to continue to refine, along with getting my vocal and keyboard chops in shape for the studio.