Recording, Editing and Mixing in Pine Mountain Club

The new Veneto West studio in Pine Mountain Club, California. Photo by Ronan Chris Murphy

“Project Electrico is no longer about a ‘sound’ we are going for, but a spirit. Project Electrico is a reflection of all the people, places and life events that have molded the art.” – Ronan Chris Murphy

Kathleen is with me at the new studio in the mountains and we are working on some of the more moody / ambient tracks from Project Electrico. In some ways this feels a little funny after working on some of the high energy world party tracks, but PE has evolved into its own beast. It started with KB and I taking some of the pop tunes that she had written with Arthur and adding a bit of world music twist to them, but as the project as evolved, in scope and time and geography the project has taken on its own spirit.