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Street Legal

Street Legal

Kathleen Blackwell is the Founder of

Produced by Ronan Chris Murphy
Video by Ronan Chris Murphy

This music is a blaring combination of the excitement of El Dia de Los Muertes and four badass women along with global music collaborators from Project Electrico.

Film Festivals, Mezcal Tastings with Film Showcased. Sports events happening, press release to lifestyle & beverage industry. Geofencing.

Producer’s notes:
Kathleen and I were on a kick! We were a bit obsessed with the fantastic and Britney Spears song “Scream & Shout.” Messing around in the studio one day, we had the idea to create something with that tune’s vibe. We failed miserably! We stumbled across a groove that felt more like The Prodigy than Britney, but we ran with it. The groove would be the first building block for parts added in California, Iceland, The Faroe Islands, and Turkey. But, most importantly, it would serve as a foundation for the voices of four badass women: Kathleen Blackwell, Anna Iachino, Dot Todman, and Bergþóra Einarsdóttir.

Kathleen showed me some cool lyrics she had written, but there was one part that really stood out. She used “Street Legal” as a metaphor for being badass, and I fell in love with the idea. We set out to build a whole new song around that concept. After making some references to a Pontiac Trans Am, we started thinking about Smokey and the Bandit. Although I can find nothing to verify it, I had a memory of a line in the movie that says, “You can kiss my ass, Smokey!“. That line eventually made it into “Street Legal,” sung by four women in three languages: English, Icelandic, and Italian.

One unique musical feature of this tune is Jay Terrien’s bass work