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“Creating Risk” with José Manuel Aguilera from Mexico City

In the studio today at Veneto West with Ronan Chris Murphy, Diego López, Arthur Edstrom, and a gift from Mexico City: Cult Guitar Hero, José Manuel Aguilera; La Barranca.

Kathleen Blackwell in LA session at Veneto West with José Manuel Aguilera (Mexico City), Cult Guitar Hero; La Barranca

Ahh! There are no words to describe Aguilera’s beauty on his Fender Strat and with an array of effects pedals—just listen. La

Loving #ProjectELECTRICO and our work as an artistic collaborative process. After four countries and some winding roads of life, we are now seeing the light. There is nothing like bringing in a host of musicians from various parts of the world to contribute and collaborate on tracks. Each fresh tone adds a vibrancy, an elegance, a unique texture, and a non, pre-programmed thought. LOVE. Love.

A few production quotes from the wise chair of Ronan Chris Murphy today:

“What would it sound like if a dragon sang opera? That’s what we want.” – Ronan

“Come and play in the style of you. Before your mind works, it’s heart.” – Ronan

“The players I like are when they are not so sure where they will land, and that creates a risk.” – José Manuel Aguilera

KB: “YES!” Risk is where the beauty and the end begin.


Sushi lunch break with Jose | Photo by Diego López

KB Admiring JMA's Pedals