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José Manuel Aguilera – Mexico City, Mexico

José Manuel Aguilera is a Composer, Guitarist, Singer, Producer, and Writer in Mexico.  Since 1994 he is the leader of the rock group La Barranca. He has also been part of Blood Asteka, Nine Rain, and Jaguares.

José was born in Mexico City in 1959 . At six he lived in the home of his paternal Grandmother and that was when he had his first contact with music, thanks to her Aunts who performed Boleros at family parties. One of them decided to learn to play guitar and José Manuel watched attentively their classes: “I stood in the room and saw the Teacher and my Aunt playing, I really drew attention.  From the beginning I caught the guitar, then one day, I do not know why I said, ‘I can do that what you were taught.'”

After finishing college, José decided to travel to England on the pretext of studying a Masters in Birmingham. There he comes into contact with amateur bands and integrates them, in addition to attending many concerts and stoking his musical interest and desire to form a group seriously, and burn discs.  José then returns to Mexico in the mid-eighties with firm conviction. He has been the leader of La Barranca since 1994.

We were blessed to have José Manuel Aguilera contribute his melodic playing and gorgeous guitar tones to Project ELÉCTRICO.[/dropcap]