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Eliseo Martínez García – Oaxaca, Mexico

The majority of musicians all over Oaxaca either know of, have been taught by and/or have collaborated with the Maestro. A staple of Oaxaca’s current music and cultural scene. Music teacher at the School of Fine Arts of Oaxaca, director of the Oaxaca State Band since 1995. Studied at the National Music Conservatory of México. If he is not rehearsing with the state band he is at a piano somewhere, practicing for one or several solo or accompanied concerts that he has lined up. A true lover of music.

We were lucky enough to be present during a State Band rehearsal and experience the relationship he has with his musicians. His mood and the music become one and that seems to be the basis of how he conducts. Nothing escapes his ears yet he doesn’t reprimand. He will jump, sing and dance to make sure you understand and remember how to play your part. A great deal of our Oaxaca experience was possible thanks to him. He understood what our project is about and then hand picked people and musicians that would help us achieve what we were looking for. And he never once requested any attention for himself because he proudly puts the new generation of musicians forward so that they can develop and continue the great tradition of being a Oaxacan musician.