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Gilli Moon – Vocals – Los Angeles

KB & Gilli Deep MagazineGilli Moon is

An Australian Los Angeles based singer-songwriter. She is the co-founder and president of Songsalive! and one of the co-producers of the Los Angeles Women’s Music Festival. Gilli moon delivers conscious creativity and a brave sense of self-expression in her energetic and expressive performances, musicmedia and prose. She is an artist entrepreneur and creative warrior and philanthropy for other artists is a big part of her life. She lives and breathes her dream as an artist creating awesome, hopefully awe-inspiring music, products and projects for the world through her own label, Warrior Girl Music

Moon has released six albums, Girl In The Moon, temperamental angel, which includes bass player Christopher Maloney, Woman, which includes a slow arrangement of INXS’ Need You Tonight, extraOrdinary life,the Stillness and Skillz (the latter with artist J.Walker). J.Walker is Gilli’s husband. She also appears as a featured guest performer on guitarist Jeff Young‘s debut solo album, Equilibrium.

In 2003, Gilli toured as stage manager and performer with Eric Idle, and is mentioned in his book, The Greedy Bastard Tour, based on his blog of his tour.

In 2006, Gilli was interviewed by Newsweek Magazine (International Edition) as a pioneer in using the Internet to help her artistic success.

In 2007 Gilli’s company Warrior Girl Music, along with Gayle Day and Miria, co-produced Females On Fire: The Los Angeles Women’s Music Festival, the first festival of its kind in the Los Angeles area. Gilli also released compilations called Females On Fire featuring 100 Female Artists.

In 2011, Gilli’s advice on music business was included in the Music Connection magazine article, “70 Monster Tips! Best Expert Advice”.

In 2015, Gilli paired up with Paulina Logan to write the song, “For the Moon,” which will be featured in one of the season episodes of Girl Makes Indie Movie. -.