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Kathleen Blackwell – Austin, TX

Kathleen Blackwell is the visionary of #ProjectELECTRICO. This is her third record with Producer, Ronan Chris Murphy. She is a classically trained pianist with two degrees from University of Texas, joined SONY CLASSICAL in Hollywood and then the entrepreneur spirit hit. She founded Saucy-Wear® to produce high-end designer aprons sold to Williams-Sonoma.

Kathleen’s critically acclaimed “To Be Human” record was nominated for Album of the Year for the LA Music Awards.

She has evolved into a multi-dimensional artist entrepreneur.

2 Responses
  • […] Arthur Edstom grew up on a chinchilla ranch in Wisconsin and now lives in Austin. He’s cowriting songs for #ProjectELECTRICO and helping behind the scenes with the video production and online stuff. He loves Kathleen! […]

  • […] Kathleen Blackwell (lead vocals) Ronan Chris Murphy (producer, recording, mixing & mastering engineer) Andrea Gorgi Zuin (handpan – Venice) Murat Ertel (saz – Istanbul) Tony Levin (bass guitar) René Pérez López (bass drum – Oaxaca) Ümit Adakale (percussion – Istanbul) Diego López (recording engineer) […]