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“One Second To Forever”

Do we make our fate, define our faith, go for great. Express our hate, destroy gates, rage to balance disgrace? Create? Lay in waste, wait…wait…Grace.

In “One Second” lives change. In our journey let’s find ways to play, pray, and be…okay.

In the making of this music-mezcal video, one second hit home. The irony of life and death is prolifically symbolic. Only in hindsight, or maybe it’s intuition of foresight, do we begin to manifest a deeper sense of authentic realism.

Keep climbing.

Filmed in San Baltazar Guelavila, Oaxaca, México. Thank you Diego López. With much love, bright star.

Salud & Viva Mezcal.

Video by Diego López |

Voice, Fender Rhodes – Kathleen Blackwell |
Drums – Victor Peter Bisetti |
Bass – Tony Newton |
Guitar – José Manuel Aguilera |
Castanets – Patricia Vonne |
Hammond B3, Moog – Arlan Oscar |
Baritone Sax – Carlos César Hernández |
Additional Song Concept – Arthur Edström |

Produced, Mixed, Mastered – Ronan Chris Murphy |
Recording Engineer – Diego Lopez |